Airport charges

Information about airport charges and the charges regulation.

Airport charges

Airport charges are the charges paid by the airport and airspace users to cover operational costs and investments in Avinor's infrastructure.

Charges regulation

The charges regulation includes applicable rates excluding VAT. From 1 January 2005 Avinor has been subject to the VAT Act. All domestic flights are therefore subject to an additional charge of 25 percent. The additional charge does not apply to international flights. The rates in the below table apply to commercial passenger flights for aircraft with MTOW of 8 tons or more. All charges are in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Type2012 20132014

Take-off charge per ton MTOW


- 7-75 tons


- 76-150 tons


- >150 tons

Passenger charge domestic 464751
Passenger charge international 606158
Security charge (3) 475557

Terminal Navigation Charge (1)


Enroute charge (2, 4)


The charges above applies to commercial passenger flights with aircraft with an MTOW above 8 tons. Take-off charge is not payable for the first 3 tons of aircraft weight, with the exception of cargo flights, which are charged 71 NOK per ton for the first 3 tons.

1) The number of service units for terminal charge is calculated according to the following formula: [[MTOW in tons/50]^0,9].

2) The en-route charge is billed and collected by Eurocontrol. In addition, the fee of 0,147 Euro per service unit, is also charged by Eurocontrol. The interest rate applied to late payments of en-route charge, is set to 10,24 % p.a. More information is available on Eurocontrol's website including monthly unit rates in Euro. For details concerning the calculation of terminal charges and en-route charges, see Regulations on Charges for Air Navigation Services (pdf) and Commision Regulation (EC) 1794/2006.

3) New charge from Apr. 1, 2012. Charge Jan. 1- Mar. 31: NOK 54.

4) New charge NOK 475.06 in effect from August 1st. Before this date, the en-route charge was NOK 495.44.

For more details regarding calculation of airport charges, see the Commission regulation (EC) No 1794/2006

Route charges are billed and collected by Eurocontrol. You can find more information about route charges on the Eurocontrol website

Avinor and Oslo Airport have incentive schemes for new routes, for details see incentive schemes.