Transfer at Oslo Airport

For many, Oslo Airport is a stop on the way to or from other destinations. Because transfer travellers often have less time than ordinary travellers, it’s wise to learn how things are done at Oslo Airport.

If you come from a destination in Norway and are continuing to another destination in Norway, you can go directly to the gate from the arriving aircraft. Follow signs to the transfer point at gate 19. You can go down to the departure hall without having to collect your luggage and go through a new security check.

Travellers who arrive by air from abroad and have a connecting flight to a destination in Norway, must collect and declare their own luggage, and then go through a new security check. It is not possible to go directly from the international pier to the domestic pier. Travellers from abroad who are taking a new flight out of the country can use the transfer point at gate 42/43 on the arrivals level.

Non-Schengen to Non-Schengen
Passengers arriving from countries outside the Schengen area with connections to other countries outside the Schengen area within the same day, will be able to connect through Oslo airport.

Upon arrival at Oslo airport, passengers turn to the border control authorities in order to be assisted to the transit area for non-Schengen flights. One should note that for some nationalities a Schengen transit visa is required when connecting through Schengen-countries.

Your responsibility
Note that it is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that their luggage is checked all the way to the end destination.

Sealing of goods
If you have a connecting flight on a different aircraft out of Oslo Airport, you have to go through a new security check. Your shopping bag must be sealed and the receipt clearly visible inside the bag. Under the rules, your journey must be completed within 36 hours after your purchase.
If you arrive in the EU/EEA, Switzerland, Croatia, Singapore, South Korea and Canada by air from countries other than these, from so-called third countries, the following rules apply:

Travellers arriving from third countries who continue their journey by air must go through a new security check. Any liquids contained in their hand luggage will be confiscated at security checkpoints, even though the goods are in a sealed bag.